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"We are the most comprehensive resource for Eldercare, Senior Services and Care Planning anywhere. We publish articles, books, and guides to help you learn how to meet the needs of seniors. The providers and services listed under "Senior Services" are here to help with any retirement or eldercare need." - Thomas Day, Director

Eldercare Services


Find companies and individual providers in your area who can help your family with senior care and long term care planning.

Eldercare Books


Find books written by the NCPC to help you plan for and fund the finals years of life or learn how to obtain government benefits.


Marketing Systems for Professionals


The following were created for professionals working in the eldercare industry.

Life Resource & Retirement Planning System - New!
Life Resource Planning will guide your clients while they prepare for their final years of life. Our online questionnaire's will produce PDF Surveys for your clients to help them plan for long term care, access government benefits, find sources of funding, set aside money for death benefits, preserve assets, and plan for Medicaid.

Successful Senior Marketing
The tools and training in the Successful Senior Marketing System are designed to provide you with several ways to promote your services, make group presentations in your community, and organize a local care planning council of professionals.

Local Planning Councils
Build a team to promote and market your council services in your community.

Support for Those Who Help Veterans
Get accredited, stay accredited, and help veterans and their families apply for benefits from the Dept. of Veterans Affairs.


Facing the Realities and Adversities of Aging

NCPC - Article | by Thomas Day | November 12, 2019

Getting older is definitely not a cakewalk. If there is one thing that is true for every living person on this planet it is that everyone of us will get older and eventually die. No one yet has ever figured out a way around this fact of life. Continue Reading...

Does Long Term Care Insurance Really Work?

NCPC - Article | by Thomas Day | October 29, 2019

Insurance agents who sell long term care insurance and the people who buy this insurance are confident this product will protect the purchasers from the financial ravages of needing long term care services in the future. Continue Reading...

Dealing with the Challenges of Aging

NCPC - Article | by Thomas Day | October 15, 2019

Every working day at the National Care Planning Council we receive numerous requests from the public for assistance for aging seniors. Most of these requests are submissions of online forms for our members which go directly to their emails. Some of these requests come directly to us. Continue Reading...

What Is the Greatest Risk for Retired Seniors?

NCPC - Article | by Thomas Day | October 1, 2019

By far, the greatest risk for retired seniors, especially those who are advanced in age, is the need for long-term care services. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services projections estimate that 70 percent of Americans who reach the age of 65 will need some form of long-term care in their lives for an average of 3 years. Continue Reading...

3 Reasons to Take Social Security at Age 62

NCPC - Article | by Thomas Day | September 10, 2019

Assume that you are age 62 this year and your full Social Security retirement age will be 67, five years from now. Assume the age 67 amount will be $1,500 a month or $18,000 a year. Continue Reading...

What Is Survivors Pension with Aid and Attendance?

NCPC - Article | by Thomas Day | August 20, 2019

Survivor's Pension – also known as Death Pension – is a disability income program available to the single surviving spouse and/or dependent children of a deceased veteran who served during a period of war. Continue Reading...